Our Expertise

We use our expertise to guide and support you
from first draft to the bookshelves and beyond.

We are a joint venture partner and offer professional in-house editors, designers, typesetters, and marketing/business strategies to help authors create and share their work.


  • Planning and coaching that takes your writing to the next level.
  • Clear message and story development that results in a captivating read.
  • Editorial input that is aligned with your genre and writing skills.
  • Four levels of editing: structural, substantive, copy and proofreading.

You hold the intellectual property rights and receive royalties up to 60 percent.


  • Compelling book covers that grab the attention of both book buyers and booksellers.
  • Powerful, viral-driven online strategies that build a substantial following.
  • New approaches to traditional print and media marketing that generate superior results.
  • Consultation, training, and contract services to give you more control over your marketing.

We help you leverage your book’s influential message to support your business objectives and growth strategies.

Distribution & Sales

  • Major booksellers (Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, etc.).
  • Major retailers and merchandising stores (Costco, Walmart, etc.).
  • Specialty markets (the military, airports, etc.) and independent book stores.
  • Distribution channels across Canada, the U.S., and worldwide.

We work with our distribution partners to cover regional, national, global, and specialty markets for your book.