How to write your book in a week

Woman on the beach

Have you ever noticed when you are busy and overwhelmed that time flies by? We never seem to have enough time to complete our tasks and you are left wondering “where did the time go?”

Now think back to the last time you were on vacation. Did time fly by or did it slow down? Did you notice that because you gave yourself the gift of a vacation, that the days relaxing on the beach seemed to go on forever? Did you also notice that you were more inclined to be creative? By freeing your mind of the clutter and overwhelm, your creative mind has the space to “create.” Keeping a journal seems easy, the words just flow off the page.  Maybe poetry or that creative novel starts to act out as you lay back in the sun?

The truth is, we need to make time to be creative. Creativity only happens when you feel you are in a space conducive to creativity.  In the last 10 years as a publisher, the biggest obstacle that authors complain about is “lack of time” to work on their book.  This is not because the author has not carved the time to work on their book, but because they can not just “turn on” creativity at the assigned time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to block off periods of time to allow creativity to flow.  The results I see when a writer decides to take themselves out of their busy routine life and commit to a writer’s retreat, is amazing. A book may take a year to create when you only write once a week for a few hours. If you write everyday for a week, you could write your book in a week! Does that sound too far fetched? Think about it, you can easily write 2-3 pages in a hour (approx. 1000 words) If you wrote for 6 hours a day, that is 6,000 words a day (approx. a chapter) and in 7 days you have a 42,000 word book.

What do you need to set yourself up for success to achieve this?

  1. Peace and quiet in an environment conducive to creativity with no distractions.
  2. Creative support, feedback and encouragement.
  3. A plan of where you are going with your book – chapter by chapter.

With these three ingredients, that project you’ve been promising yourself for years, will take just a week out of your life. Oh, and you get to enjoy the sun, beach and warm ocean at the same time!

Julie Salisbury is the Founder of Influence Publishing. She offers writer’s retreats in Turks and Caicos where she supports the writer on a daily basis to plan their book project and meet daily writing goals. She also provides daily feedback and review to keep the writer encouraged and motivated. The next retreat is being held April 25th– May 1st . The  cost of attending starts at just $1997 USD for a shared Queen suite. More information can be found at