Write your Book in 40 Days? It is possible!

Make 2017 the year you write, launch and become a Best Seller before the summer!  Really? How many “book coaches” tell you that is possible?  Maybe you have even attended some of those “Write your book in 30 days” webinars?  But did any of them tell you “how”?  Sure, it’s great to be motivated and inspired, but sitting down with pen in hand and actually “writing” is quite another thing!

Here are my top 3 tips “how” to get your first draft complete in 40 days:

Plan what you are going to write and for who. If you do not know who your readers are, what they want to know and what you intend to teach them in your book, how do you know what to write? You need to create a whole writing plan for your book – chapter by chapter.  One way to sort through the chaos is to mind map all your ideas for your book – but keep it centralized around the reader.  What do they want to know from your book?

My book was about my travels around the world for seven years.  I could have just published a travel guide of where I went and what I saw – but what my reader really wanted to know was “How did you do it?”  How did you afford to travel for 7 years? How did you find travelling alone as a woman?  Who did  you meet, what did you see that changed my life and the way you saw the world?

You need to know where you are going with your story and how to get there. Your book needs to flow and have a structure that the reader can follow easily. They want to know, what was your journey like and what did you learn? How can the reader take that information and use it in their life? From your mind map, start to create a plan how you are going to guide the reader through your journey – chapter by chapter – then divide those chapters into writing points.

Make a commitment to write 2-3 pages everyday for 40 days.  Once you know what you are going to write, and why, and for who, you can divide your chapters into daily writing goals. Aim for 1000 words a day. That is about 3 pages.  Think of your daily writing like a blog or a journal. For your first draft keep it real and flowing. Don’t keep re-reading and re-writing.  Your goal is to get your first draft written in 40 days.

Think about it – 1000 words a day equals 40,000 words in 40 days – that is a book!  Now you have the most difficult piece done, pass your work to an expert editor and allow them to put their expert eye on your flow, structure and sentence structure.  Your role is to tell your story – leave the grammar and sentence structure to the experts!

Listen to this series of videos to help you plan and structure your book to set yourself up for success.

Video #1: Overview – https://youtu.be/Ao0aFp6hI8Q
Video #2: Three Day Workshop – https://youtu.be/4PiHDxAX6Yk
Video #3: Four Week Webinar – https://youtu.be/IKdgiTvANms
Video #4: Sixteen Week Webinar – https://youtu.be/r3RefWTsLjQ

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