Workshops & Webinars

Do you want to share your story but don’t know where to start?

Do you hear that little voice saying “I’m not good enough, my writing and grammar skills are not good enough, my story is not interesting enough?

Or are you putting other objections in the way like time, money or overwhelm?

Unless we understand the reason WHY it is so important to us to share our story, we will never have the time to write our book, give it the priority it needs to commit to writing it, or invest our time or money.

web-inspireabooklogo-72dpi-300px(InspireABook is wholly owned by Influence Publishing and supplies workshops and webinars.)

Intensive InspireABook Mastermind

Do you have valuable, unique information that needs to be published? The InspireABook Mastermind workshop is facilitated by a publisher who has ten year’s experience and has published 100 books and made them best sellers.

  • Do you want a simple system to help you transform your writing into a book?
  • Do you have lots of material already in the form of journal notes, essays and newsletters/blog notes and want to know how to organize them into a book?
  • Do you just have an idea or a picture and a burning need to get a message out there?
  • Are you half way through your manuscript or think you have finished, and need to know what the next step is?

Please go to Workshops for information on our partner company InspireABook.

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Not in Vancouver? We also offer 4 week and 16 week publishing programs. New programs start Jan 18th, 2017.
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