Sneak Peak From ‘Women of Influence’ Speaker, Sue Dumais

Be inspired with  Sue Dumais at the Women of Influence Event this thursday November 20. The Dalai Lama opened the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009 with the following words “The world will be saved by the western woman.” Such a powerful statement from a true leader in peace but what […]

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The Three C’s to Being A Good Parent Are…


We have a new blog post for you from our author . To see more articles by James check out his website. Without being aware of and understanding the three things I eluded to in the title of this article and without practicing them nothing you do will influence your […]

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To the Low-Confident Prom Goer from Dr. George

            Dear Doctor George: I’m so angry at myself!  I had the chance to take the girl of my dreams to the prom and I blew it.  I feel like a complete failure—how come I just don’t know how to ask a girl out? I […]

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