Past Retreats

Our previous Writer’s Retreat in the Turks and Caicos.

Turks & Caicos

Imagine working on your book at a beach house on this beautiful beach in Turks and Caicos with the daily guidance of a successful publisher? The InspireABook writers retreat is facilitated by Julie Salisbury, Founder of Influence Publishing who has ten year’s experience and has published 100 books and made over 50% of them best sellers.

  • Do you want a simple system to help you transform your writing into a book?
  • Do you have lots of material already in the form of journal notes, essays and newsletters/blog notes and want to know how to organize them into a book?
  • Do you just have an idea or a picture and a burning need to get a message out there?
  • Are you half way through your manuscript or think you have finished, and need to know what the next step is?

An overview of Julie Salisbury talking about the Inspire-a-Book process– VIEW HERE

When you attend the writers retreat you will clearly understand the purpose of your book and will work on the “packaging” to ensure you are delivering the key message (whether your book is just an idea or you are half way through or you have completed the manuscript) I guarantee that at the end of the retreat you will have:

  • Working title/sub-title, synopsis/back page sales copy
  • Table of contents and working chapter titles and a clear writing plan, chapter by chapter!
  • A clear plan how to publish your book and timeline – and a good start on the writing!

This workshop gave me a new way to conceptualize the topic. Susan Blackwood

Great workshop, lots of information covered, helped me identify a theme, excellent worksheets for building my book content, as well as helpful feedback from the group
Jo-Ann Loro (fiction writer)

Even if you come to this retreat with just vague ideas, you will leave with a clear writing plan and get a good start to your book project and understand your publishing options.

Contact Julie Salisbury for more information.