Nina Shoroplova

Trust the Mystery

Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom

Nina Shoroplova-Trust The Mystery-front cover 72dpi 200pxThe more we trust the mystery, the closer we align with our true nature.

Trust the Mystery couples engaging storytelling with provocative quotes and questions to inspire Shoroplova’s readers into observing and reflecting on their own life with greater awareness. The process starts to reveal our purpose. How we respond from our own inner divine wisdom interprets our experiences of living in this world; this affects our consciousness and our awareness of where we are on our path. As we read her stories, our growing awareness becomes a garment we wear more easily, shifting our behaviour toward participating positively with family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, and even opponents. We move into intentional living, polishing our thoughts, words, and actions until they shine with the light of inner wisdom.


Publication Date: September 7, 2015
300 pages – 6 x 9 in

About the Author

Nina PortraitSince the seventies, Nina Shoroplova has been on a spiritual path, interacting with others as a Holistic Nutritionist, a Soul Realignment Practitioner, a Spiritual Counsellor, and a Healing Minister.Six decades of contrasting environments have enriched Shoroplova’s life—on three continents, in the heart of cities and in cattle and sheep country; through life-challenging diseases and perfect health. Growing through self-expression, she has been a wife, a mother, a best-selling non-fiction author, a singer, an actor, and is Influence Publishing’s senior editor. Her journey has taken her through a wide variety of teachings, from the bible to I Ching, texts old and new, various trainings, courses, workshops, and readings, and through the lessons she has gained from the spiritual books she has edited.
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