I Learned A Lot About Myself – Interview With Author Scott MacDonald

by Marilyn R. Wilson

Scott New Portrait with Shereese-small

Please share a bit about your journey to become a published author.

I started writing Fit for Fatherhood in 2008 with a goal to help others find peace. In the process I learned a lot about myself and the depths of my fears. I worked with Julie Salisbury through one-on-one live video coaching sessions which helped keep me on track and gave me a direction.

How does the writing process work for you? Do you schedule a time every day, work madly when inspiration hits or ?

Well, the book took me 9 years to write, so to say it was torturous would be an understatement. What I did establish was a great way to get it done. I applied the same progressive methodology that I share in the book. The challenge was finding where my starting point was.  Once I allowed myself to acknowledge what my starting point was,  then the process involved consistently applying it a little every day.

What did you find most difficult about the writing and publishing process? What was the easiest?

One of the most difficult things about the writing process was staying true to the original vision and message of the book. The marketing and networking aspect of publishing is also turning out to be quite a challenge. I just hope it does not take me another 9 years to get the hang of it.

The easiest part was putting down what I knew, writing my truth and knowing I was sharing it. The process of sharing what I have learned and developed was really cool.

What title (or titles) have you released? Please include a short synopsis of what your book is (or books are) about.

Fit for Fatherhood is about finding yourself and identifying some of the most common and powerful barriers to change and how to start. It is also a step by step guide to follow through the trimesters of pregnancy for the partners of expectant mothers.

What would you like readers to know about you?

I am a registered Art therapist supporting marginalized people with HIV at the Dr. Peter Center, people struggling with substance use at the Vancouver Health Authority and with exceptional children at the Vancouver School Board.

I am also a professional natural bodybuilder holding a pro card in two federations the IDFA and WNBF and a black belt in Taekwondo. I achieved these titles after climbing out of homelessness and addiction in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. These experiences have led to profound knowledge of the primary pillars of wellness.

On the cover of the book you can see my youngest son Rourke’s ultrasound in the background. I am on stage in my first pro bodybuilding show. I almost collapsed backstage from stomach cramps and nausea. We were in Ontario and there was only one person in the audience cheering for me.  It was my wife Shereesse.  I could not see her in the black, but I heard her and it made me smile.

Over the last ten years I have developed a holism based progressive approach to change and empowerment. I would like readers to know my passion is to support others in finding their strength. The challenges I face each day are new ones but the methods I apply to breach them are the same.

Do you have any new books in the planning or writing stage?

Yes I am planning one now and have begun writing another. It tells about my work as an Art Therapist and its strength as a healing modality.


The darkest times and most arduous challenges of our lives will always be our greatest source of gratitude.” – Scott Macdonald


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