About Influence

Influencing Positive Change

Influence Publishing is an independent, hybrid publisher with the mandate of publishing books that influence positive change in the world. Under that umbrella, we have published non-fiction and fiction titles that span a wide spectrum of topics from health and wellness to business, self-help, children’s literature, memoirs and more. From health experts to business leaders, from artists, performers, and athletes to leaders in the self-help field, Influence has helped countless authors throughout Canada, the U.S., and the world, share their stories.

An Imprint publisher – A new model in publishing – you keep 100% of the rights and 100% of the royalties—The Best of Both Worlds

Influence offers authors the best of both worlds by blending the advantages of traditional trade publishing with the flexibility, independence, and the complete control of their books that authors are looking for. Similar to a traditional publisher, we offer quality services such as developmental and structural editing, cover design, typesetting, worldwide distribution , and marketing/PR support. Yet unlike a traditional publisher, we do not buy the rights of a book from an author and you keep all the rights to your book, and all the royalties, seeking to provide the author with autonomy and ownership of their book.  Even self-publishing companies license the rights to your book and take 40%-60% profit share of your book for the term of the contract.

We provide all the services of a traditional publisher and you pay us for our services.  No ongoing profit shares or restrictions of sales and you buy your book at print cost – NOT wholesale cost, as other self publishing houses do. Please do not be mistaken though, this is NOT self publishing, as there is no “self” in it, we do all the work – to the highest standards, so you still have to go through a selection process.

Marketing & Business Consultant

Unlike a traditional publisher, Influence also acts as a business and marketing consultant, helping authors with branding and marketing strategies (including social media and online marketing). We help authors to align their book with their larger vision and show how a book can be used as an effective tool for growing a business.