Advancing women in the public speaking, literary, media and entrepreneurship sectors


The proposed non-profit foundation of Influence Publishing will provide mentorship to advance women authors in the public speaking and media sectors. Author entrepreneurs will be mentored in their various subject sectors such as Health and Wellness, Family and Relationships, Business and Entrepreneurs, and Self-Help/Personal Transformation. Collaboration with professional media providers, communication and life-skills mentors, business and marketing coaches, counselors and knowledge philanthropists, will provide a diverse community of mentors.

The Women of Influence Mentorship program will be established as a non-profit sector of the existing organization, with dedicated staff and partners. The program will be author mentorship and support, which is a different focus from the successful publishing mandate already in place within Influence Publishing.

1. Women who have a story to tell. Storytellers from all walks of life and life experience will have an opportunity to share their stories with other women. This program will give them a voice.

2. Women entrepreneurs who share their experiences and lessons learned from starting their own businesses and help other women entrepreneurs.

3. Women who have overcome personal trauma in their lives and who have moved through their challenges to lead happy and successful lives, offering hope and inspiration to those who have had similar traumatic experiences.

4. Women who have mental health, physical health issues or disabilities will have the opportunity to network with others experiencing the same challenges.

The program aims to work with women over 30 who are forward thinkers and who are challenging everyday societal norms. These women have experienced transformational events in their lives and use their life lessons to help transform and empower the lives of other women. This then fosters a continuum of peer mentoring and support. For an author to be successful, particularly a first-time author, exposure to mass media is essential. Collaboration with professional media providers is essential to implement all the elements of mentorship that are needed.