Aaron Solly
Engage Connect grow

Anita Lambert
Forgiving Murder

Barbara Walters
Your Employees Did What?

Bob Mueller
Finding Your Butkus

Chantal Russell
Wildfire Within

Christine Awram
WOW Woman of Worth

Gabriella Contestabile
Sass, Smarts, and Stilettos

Jessica Winkler
Confessions of a Warrior

Jodee Prouse
The Sun is Gone

Julie Cameron-Whitehead
William Who Would Not Sleep

Lindsey Schwartz
Powerhouse Woman

Ricky Olsen
Hook ’em with Humor

Sandy Dow
Thriving in Chaos

Scott Macdonald
Fit For Fatherhood

Serena Wadhwa
Stress Intelligence

Zena Amundsen
The Heart of Your Money


2010 to 2016

Alyson Jones
M.O.R.E – A New Philosophy for Exceptional Living

Amber Rose Dullea
From Ow to Wow!

Anita Saulite
The Savvy Money Gal

Anne-Mari Morrison

Atta Arghandiwal
Immigrant Success Planning
Lost Decency

Ben Hess
Orphan Soldier

Belynda Lee
Five-Inch Heels

Bobby O’Neal, R.L.M.
Dr. Love’s Prescription for a Romantic Loving Man

Brock Tully
The Great Gift for Someone Special

Candis McLean
When police become Prey

Carole Ann Arnim
Tapping on the Wings of Angels

Carole Staveley
Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps

Catherine & Duane O’Kane

Christine Till
Fired at Fifty

Clemens Rettich
Great Performances

Danielle Rondeau
I Am Enough

Denene Derksen
Dancing with Fire

Eugenea Couture
Adoption Not an Option

Evelyn McKelvie
The Executive Horse

Francesca Belluomini
The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style

Dr. George Baxter-Holder
Drugs, Food, Sex and God

Gerry Fewster
Don’t Let Your Kids Be Normal

Glenora Doherty
Voyage to the Other Side of Grief

Gordon Johnson
Turn Your Mortgage into a Pension

Greg Powell
Survival Kit for Sales Managers

James Cloughley
A Man’s Work is Never Done

Jasmine Bharucha
Who Am I?

Janet Walmsley
The Autistic Author and Animator

Jennifer Swanson
What They See

Jenny Story

Jivi Saran
Permission to Be YOU

Jo De Rosa
If You Could Have Anything…What Would it Be?

John Shields
The Priest Who Left His Religion

Joseph Martin
Living in Two Worlds

Julie Anne Eason
The Profitable Business Author

Julie Salisbury
Around The World in Seven Years

Julie Selby
Infertility Insanity

Kaeli Van Regan
Parenting Your Way

Karen Tyrell
Cracking the Dementia Code

Kelli Benis
Ending the Silence of Sexual Abuse

Krista Guloien
Beyone the Finish Line

Kristina Sisu
How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Leah Goldstein
No Limits

Leslie Fierling
Say Yes to Saying No

Linda McGowan
Travelling the World with MS

L. J. Dionne
Dying to Live

Lorrie Forde
Really Good F Words

Dr. Manon Bolliger
What Patients Don’t Say If Doctors Don’t Ask

Marian Keen
Lexi and Hippocrates Find Trouble at the Olympics
Lexi and Marie Curie Saving Lives in World War I
Lexi and Lister Defeat Death
Lexi and Imhotep

Marilyn deRooy-Pearson
Paying Too Much Tax

Marilyn Loy Every
Fire in the Well
Women and the Liberating Journey of Aging

Marilyn R. Wilson
Life Outside the Box

Master Lyle
Taking a Stand Against Bullying

Mavreen Jones
asthma Cured

Michael G. Walsh
Thinking Big Is Not Enough

Michele Bisson-Somerville
Voodoo Shit For Men

Nadine Sands and Michael Sands
Hold On, Let Go

Nina Shoroplova
Trust the Mystery

Baby Comes Home

Peter Crossgrove
Boardroom Games

Raamayan Ananda
Michael Jackson: Man Behind the Mirror

Roar & Katarina Thorsen
Drawn Together

Roxanne Derhodge
How Does a Therapist Heal Their Own Relationships

Steve Tappin
Secrets of Chinese CEOs

Sue Dumais
Heart Led Living

Sue Koch
Sexy Second Act

T. D. Von Dohren
Daughter of the Moon

Theo Fleury and Kim Barthel
Conversations with a Rattlesnake

William G. Anderson
Shadowy Reflections

Woody Wheeler
Look Up!