Anne-Mari Morrison


Recognizing Emotional Abuse, Recovering Your True Self

perf5.500x8.500.inddIn Voice: Recognizing Emotional Abuse, Recovering Your True Self, teacher and facilitator Anne-Mari Morrison has created a uniquely inspiring resource for women affected by emotional abuse. Part memoir and part guidebook to exiting toxic relationships in order to rebuild empowered identities, Voice whispers comforting words and delivers soul-shaking wisdom to its readers. Anne-Mari’s story, which includes abuse, suicide, and healing, provides the raw setting for the lessons she teaches about “finding, using, and enjoying” the voice you may have silenced in order to make an abusive or codependent relationship work. This poetic yet practical book will help you recognize and escape the cycles trapping you in a state of “voicelessness”, and create joyful cycles of empowerment. If you feel like there’s a “real you” who has been shut down by your relationships, its time to connect with that self and listen to what she has to say. Once you do, you’ll be changed forever.

Publication Date: March 31, 2016
162 pages – 5.5 x 8.5 in

Ann-Mari Portrait 200xAnne-Mari Morrison, founder of Empowering Within Yoga, is a teacher, coach, and facilitator dedicated to the empowerment of women. Using her expertise in holistic health, assertive communication, and personal development, she teaches women how to build healthy and joyful lives.
For over twenty years, she has balanced raising four boys with pursuing her entrepreneurial instincts. As an irrepressible student of holistic health, she explored and gained certifications in a wide variety of modalities, including aromatherapy, Reiki, and reflexology. Her passion for the balanced and healthy body led naturally to her exploration of balanced and healthy minds. She trained in Desire Map facilitation and assertiveness coaching. Ultimately, yoga, which blends all elements of the healthy and self-realized woman into one seamless whole, became Anne-Mari’s principle passion. She founded Empowering Within Yoga in 2015, teaching students to balance body with soul in her serene Abbotsford, BC-based studio.
Anne-Mari’s personal experiences provide the platform for her insightful work with women who are struggling to express their own personal version of empowerment. As a survivor of abuse and profound tragedy, she brings a uniquely empathetic perspective to her work, whether that means leading a group in setting personal goals, or teaching a student to gain stillness and peace on the floor of a yoga studio.

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