How Would 20 Years of Journaling Translate Into A Book – Interview With Author Aaron Solly

by Marilyn R. Wilson

Aaron Solly

Please share a bit about your journey to become a published author?

In 2012, as I was starting a counselling diploma through Clearmind International, I became motivated to type all my journal entries onto my computer. I knew that they could help people improve their lives in some way. I wasn’t completely sure how twenty years of journal entries would translate into a book, but I knew the act of journaling had really helped me work through my own feelings, doubts, worries and fears.

I connected with Julie Salisbury of Influence Publishing after finding out that she had helped the founders of Clearmind International with their book. She provided one on one consulting to help me take what I had written and ensure it was structured in a way that was engaging and beneficial to the reader.

How does the writing process work for you? Do you schedule a time every day, work madly when inspiration hits or ?

At the start, I tended to want to sit down and write as much as I could in one sitting. I soon realized this wasn’t the best use of my time as I needed to manage daily routines for my son, work full-time, complete homework for my counselling diploma plus have a break from the day. I committed to writing twenty minutes a day. It worked perfectly. At the end of a week, I was so amazed to see how much I was able to get done by doing just a little bit every day.

What did you find most difficult about the writing and publishing process? What was the easiest?

I did find the editing process more intense than I expected. I think initially I was attached to how I wanted the book to look and it took me some time to let go of some things and embrace others. I am so glad I used the editor, Nina, that Juile recommended as I am so happy with the final draft of the book.

Once I was in a groove, the writing became easy and I am having fun promoting it.

What title (or titles) have you released? Please include a short synopsis of what your book is (or books are) about.

“Engage, Connect, Grow – 52 lessons to guide individuals & corporate teams to the heart of what matters to them”

This workbook is in a self-guide format designed to help readers get serious about what is really going on in their lives and at work. Readers will have a total of 52 lessons to work through. They can take one step each week for a year to move closer to their life’s intention(s) or goal(s).

The workbook is broken up into three main parts:

PART ONE: ENGAGE – Engage is all about becoming an active participant in your life.  You will spend time writing about things such as:

  • Your life stories.
  • Your thoughts.
  • Who are you?
  • Your intention.

PART TWO: CONNECT – Connect focuses on connection. Connection to yourself, your family & colleagues, etc. You will write about topics such as:

  • Connect with yourself.
  • Your response to connection.
  • Your behaviors.
  • Your family
  • Your health.

PART THREE: GROW – Grow, you and your team will look at key ways to maintain growth in your life and at work, such as:

  • Creativity
  • Education
  • Mediation
  • Support

Do you have any new books in the planning or writing stage?

No new books planned as of yet although there are a lot of poems that I have written in my journals over the years. I have thought about creating a book with them to highlight how creative writing can help those dealing with depression.

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

My hope that this book helps readers take a step (no matter the size) to create positive change in their work and personal lives. Also, I think it would be amazing for corporations to use it with their teams to help with employee engagement, team building and overall growth.


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